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  • Apple relabels its ‘Free’ apps
  • Apple relabels its ‘Free’ apps
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Apple relabels its ‘Free’ apps

Apple has made a minor but noticeable change to the way it's marketing its iOS and Mac apps. Instead of free apps being labelled as 'Free', the download button now reads 'Get'. But why did the tech giant wait for an ultimatum to make these changes?



  • Article image Why brands shouldn't talk about values

    Over the last decade, brands have made a real effort to ‘go green’ – and they expect a positive response. But a study by Yale suggests that people are actually less likely to buy if the environmental benefit seems intentional. So how should a brand demonstrate its green credentials?

  • Article image Greenhouse: Millennials coding for a transparent government

    Less than 20% of Americans trust the government. Gen Y is demanding that authorities are transparent and accountable. Greenhouse, a plugin created by a 16-year-old, aims “to shine light on a social and industrial disease of today: the undue influence of money in our Congress.”

  • Article image Honest by: transparent fashion retail

    Honest by is a fashion brand which offers designer products and is completely open about the raw materials and manufacturing processes it uses.

  • Article image Healthy eating: the honest opportunity for brands

    Despite this age of austerity, when it comes to food, healthy eating is still top of consumers’ agenda.