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  • A phone that posts itself for recycling
  • A phone that posts itself for recycling
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A phone that posts itself for recycling

The average lifespan for a smartphone in the US is about 21.7 months - but where do they go? Envelope Phone incorporates pre-paid postage into its body, so when you’re done with it, drop it into a postbox and it will go back to the manufacturer for recycling.



  • Article image Make Your Own: a pedal-powered lampshade

    How much do you love your bedside lamp? Probably not much. But what if you'd cycled for 40 minutes to make it? Make Your Own gets its customers to work for its products, forming a lasting relationship between brand and customer. But will people want to put the effort in?

  • Article image The Restart Project: fixing our relationship with electronics

    Electrical goods are the fastest increasing waste stream in the UK, growing by 5% annually. Registered charity The Restart Project challenges our disposable conditioning, and as repair culture spreads, how realistic is it to invest in a mend rather than replace attitude?

  • Give your coke bottles a second life Give your coke bottles a second life

    Coca-Cola has launched '2nd Lives' as part of its global sustainability programme. The campaign is comprised of 16 innovative screw-on caps that transform used Coke bottles into entirely new objects – from pencil sharpeners to paint brushes to soap dispensers.

  • Article image Modular pursuits: building the future of smartphones

    With a strong focus on community collaboration, Motorola’s Project Ara is open to third-party developers – so everyone has a say in what their phone does, how it looks and how much it costs.