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  • The failing eyesight of Chinese youth
  • The failing eyesight of Chinese youth
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The failing eyesight of Chinese youth

When 'Tiger Mother' Amy Chua wrote an article titled ‘Why Chinese mothers are superior’, she focused her argument on the academic success of her own children. Yet research shows the excessive study hours of Chinese children is vastly affecting their health.



  • Article image Why is China’s trust in short supply?

    The consumer landscape in China is a minefield of fakes, misleading ads and tainted products. But shoppers have become smarter at working out the Nukes from Nikes. When trust is low in brands, media and even your next door neighbour, how can a society regain its faith?

  • Tiger Moms and the one-child policy Tiger Moms and the one-child policy

    China's strict disciplinarian 'Tiger Moms' are predicted to decide against having more than one child, despite China's move to relax family planning rules. The rising cost of living means that few can afford multiple children.

  • Article image Where Are We Going, Dad? China’s new parental roles

    As China's approach to parenting undergoes a dramatic shift, what turned a reality TV show about cute kids and their hapless dads into such a hot topic in the world’s most populous country?

  • Chinese parents fear pollution Chinese parents fear pollution

    In light of an eight-year-old girl's lung cancer diagnosis – caused by air pollution – Chinese parents are growing anxious; an issue exacerbated by the one-child policy. There's speculation that these concerns could drive environmental change.