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  • Life now has an ‘undo’ button
  • Life now has an ‘undo’ button
    Toshihiro gamo (2014) ©

Life now has an ‘undo’ button

When Justine Sacco tweeted, “Going to Africa. Hope I don't get AIDS. Just Kidding. I'm White!”, if only she’d had the good sense to self-edit. Instead, she jumped on an 11-hour flight and let her display of poor humour fester online. By the time she landed, she was trending in Johannesburg.



  • Using the internet to airbrush the past Using the internet to airbrush the past

    At a time when data is becoming increasingly valuable, Google has suffered a setback to their aim of owning every piece of information that people volunteer on the internet. The EU has ruled that Google must remove any personal data at the request of ordinary people.

  • Article image Why more choice isn't always better

    In an increasingly cluttered marketplace, how can retailers deal with ‘choice overload’? Psychologist Barry Schwartz tells us what’s working and what isn’t in the quest to choose better.

  • Article image Hooking up with Tinder

    Mobile dating app Tinder simplifies an increasingly complicated hookup culture, appealing to millennials in the process by minimising the chances of rejection.

  • Article image How people are capitalising on personal branding

    A well-managed personal brand can elicit authority and influence over others; and people are beginning to understand this and capitalise upon it.