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  • Modlife is unbundling the music business
  • Modlife is unbundling the music business
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Modlife is unbundling the music business

Would you pay extra to see your favourite band soundcheck before the show? Or get a limited edition poster if you download a track legally? Many would, and that’s the premise for Modlife, a platform launched by Tom DeLonge as he watched the industry shift while in former band Blink 182.



  • Article image HBO Go: unbundling the cable subscription

    Over 254,000 people in the UK and US torrented the Season 4 finale of Game of Thrones in just one hour. To tackle this behaviour, HBO launched HBO Go, letting people access the channel cheaply on their phone or tablet. But will it really stop people streaming illegally?

  • Wu-Tang to sell one copy of album Wu-Tang to sell one copy of album

    Hip-hop outfit Wu-Tang Clan plans to sell only one copy of their new 'secret' album, housed in a handcrafted silver box, for over a million dollars. Before being sold, the album will be 'exhibited' in museums and galleries so paying fans can get a listen.

  • Article image Guestlist branding: how Samsung tapped marketing's Holy Grail

    Collaborating with Samsung for the release of his new album, Jay-Z's becoming a media empire – making revenue for himself, kudos for Samsung, and social currency for his fans.

  • Article image Squeezing more from fans: One Direction's booming pop-ups

    Under pressure from digitisation, music labels are seeking alternative sources of revenue. One Direction has transformed merchandising into a multi-channel branding operation.