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  • Chinese shoppers go organic
  • Chinese shoppers go organic
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Chinese shoppers go organic

Organic produce might only make up 1% of China’s food market, but that figure has tripled since 2007. After years of food scandals saw the country named the world’s worst violator of food regulations, an increasing number of consumers are going organic for peace of mind.



  • Why the French choose organic meat Why the French choose organic meat

    The French are eating less meat every year, and despite reports blaming this on steeper prices, sales of organic meat have been increasing year-on-year. Are the French becoming more conscious when it comes to their meat consumption?

  • Article image Masking China's pollution concerns

    China’s 474 million-strong consuming class is starting to wonder whether the price they’ve paid for prosperity is worth it, if money can’t safeguard health. Too severe to be ignored, environmental concerns in China are finally beginning to trump economic ones.

  • Article image Coke’s Pure Joy: clean water for China

    As young people in China speak out against social and environmental issues, Coke has stepped in with charitable water brand ‘Chun Yue’, targeting socially conscious Millennials. But is this just a CSR project, or has Coke found a new niche for bottled water in China?