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  • TV tie-in novels gain popularity
  • TV tie-in novels gain popularity
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TV tie-in novels gain popularity

The TV tie-in novel lurks somewhere near straight-to-DVD sequels in terms of respectability. Or at least it used to. As the golden age of TV drama continues apace, novelisations of hit shows are finding growing audiences, keen to see the magic of the small screen brought to the printed page.



  • Article image How geek parents are reinventing family time

    In 2013, Gen Y helped grow sales of licensed merchandise to $51 billion in the US and Canada. Determined to raise their children in their own geeky image, Gen Y parents are introducing them to their pop-culture interests at a young age. How are these geeks reinventing family time?

  • Article image TeeFury: bringing fan art mashup tees to the geeky masses

    With a preference for authentic fan-made goods over officially licensed merchandise, thriving fan art markets like TeeFury are changing how young people support their fandoms. With over 520,000 followers and 750,000 monthly visitors, can TeeFury bring fan art into the mainstream?

  • A Scandal-inspired clothing line A Scandal-inspired clothing line

    TV drama Scandal has an enormous following, largely thanks to protagonist Olivia Pope - a lawyer whose trouser suits are as impressive as her legal prowess. Now the show has teamed up with US label The Limited to create a line of “fearless fashion for ladies who lead.”

  • Article image Squeezing more from fans: One Direction's booming pop-ups

    Under pressure from digitisation, music labels are seeking alternative sources of revenue. One Direction has transformed merchandising into a multi-channel branding operation.