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  • ‘Souping’ becomes the best way to ‘juice’
  • ‘Souping’ becomes the best way to ‘juice’
    Melsey Kitchell (2006) ©

‘Souping’ becomes the best way to ‘juice’

Thanks, in part, to glowing endorsements from the likes of Bill Clinton and Gwyneth Paltrow, juice has become a $5 billion industry. But as people become bored of simply drinking and look for something more substantial – but just as healthy – could souping be the answer?



  • Article image Are Brits really drinking healthy?

    Over 80% of UK adults agree that looking after their health is important and almost 50% will pay more for a low calorie drink. But we are a contradictory nation; sugary cola represents over half of all pop drunk. When and why are people choosing to drink healthy over swigging down a sugar hit?

  • Fruit juice for people too busy to DIY Fruit juice for people too busy to DIY

    Juicing fruits was first popular in the '70s, and it's now regaining a lot of traction. Lakeland reported a 4,000% increase in juicer sales in 2013, showing a real enthusiasm for DIY-ing it. But when the enthusiasm runs out, people are turning to Vegesentials.

  • Article image A bite to drink? Mamma Chia's take on snacking

    With diet-conscious consumers looking for quick and healthy snack options, drinkable foods like Mamma Chia's organic seed juices are bridging the gap between categories.

  • Starbucks juice bar Starbucks juice bar

    Starbucks Corp opened the first store in its new Evolution Fresh juice bar chain in Washington. "Mixologists" at the new shop dispense a variety of juices - including apple, coconut water, carrot and beet.