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  • Is Tumblr the gateway drug to activism
  • Is Tumblr the gateway drug to activism
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Is Tumblr the gateway drug to activism

Tumblr is known for having cultivated a social justice and activist community. But is this micro-blogging and social-networking platform creating real-world social or political change? Does Tumblr activism translate to real life participation or is it still just slaktivism?



  • Article image The new age of armchair philanthropy

    People are willing to show support for social causes – provided they don't have to do much - and brands are finding new ways to tap into the strength of the herd. By re-engineering menial actions – from buying body lotion to having sex – there are ways to reward everyone.

  • Article image Anytime, everywhere: starting movements on social media

    As the number of charities and non-profits increases, people are being hit by 'causes' on all fronts. To cut through 'cause overload', smart businesses are thinking more like non-profits.

  • The changing nature of activism The changing nature of activism

    Millennials are using technology to scale movements offline and online, says the author of Fast Future: How the Millennial Generation is Shaping Our World. He argues that they use their consumer power to make companies more socially responsible.

  • Article image Activism, technology and cultural specifics

    Sara Diamond talks to Canvas8 about technology and politics, touching on Canada’s ties to documentary and the use of Twitter to influence public opinion.