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  • Birth of the Latin American dream
  • Birth of the Latin American dream
    Ramon Bataller (2011) ©

Birth of the Latin American dream

Millennials have broadly been tarred with the same brush; they're a generation deemed self-entitled, narcissistic, lazy and – ultimately – unhappy. But, while in the West debate still circulates as to how accurate these labels are, new research shows they don't apply to Latino Gen Y.



  • Brazilian blogger collective is global ambassador Brazilian blogger collective is global ambassador

    Have you heard of Camila Coehlo? Or Mariah Bernardes? Maybe not, but these are just two of a 25-strong Brazilian fashion blogger collective named F*Hits. Cumulatively drawing more than five million unique visitors a month, these bloggers are putting Brazilian luxury on the map.

  • Article image RuPaul's Drag Race: Brazil comes out of the closet

    RuPaul's Drag Race, a TV show about drag queens has become a hit in Brazil, shining a light on the country's LGBT community. With millions of gay consumers thirsty for a market that caters for them, why do Brazilian brands still ignore the opportunities offered by this demographic?

  • Article image Claro: freeing Brazilian social media

    Brazil is rapidly gaining a reputation as South America's most social media-savvy country. Responding to the shift, telecoms company Claro is offering free access to Twitter.

  • Article image Young, digital and divided: shifting demographics in Brazil

    Luciana Stein tracks the impact of increased web use among Brazil’s Class C and the potential implications for brands.