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  • Dior's educational beauty site
  • Dior's educational beauty site
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Dior's educational beauty site

Dior has launched an anti-ageing serum enriched with pharmaceutical wizardry, which it's selling with the promise of 'cellular synchronisation'. The beauty brand has launched a microsite to explain exactly how the product and its ingredients work. Genius? Or jargon?



  • How beauty products become iconic How beauty products become iconic

    While it may seem that paying for celebrity endorsements will instantly make an item popular, many people actually distrust celeb campaigns, especially when it comes to beauty products. Instead people are more likely to buy a lipstick if family and friends recommend it.

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    Supportive online beauty communities like How to be a Redhead are changing how young women see themselves and the products they buy. With over 100,000 followers and major brands queuing up for the 'Redhead Friendly' rating, could this be the most successful beauty tribe of all?

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    From ‘gothic pinup’ to ‘date night’ to ‘bengali party look’, Sephora’s new homepage is a cornucopia of user-generated creativity. Hundreds of selfies show off Sephora fans’ favourite beauty looks in a Pinterest-style format. And the best part? Each one is totally shoppable.

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    Online beauty start-up Julep is an internet phenomenon, targeting women of all ages who are genuinely passionate about beauty products and want their opinions and expertise to count. But what’s attracting so many women to sign up?