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  • Arabs talking less politics online
  • Arabs talking less politics online
    Bilal Randeree (2012) ©

Arabs talking less politics online

Twitter was a powerful medium for self expression throughout the Arab Spring that began in 2010. Yet despite on-going friction and conflict in the Arab world, its usage for political discussion has declined. According to research agency Social Eyez, this is both out of boredom and fear.



  • Article image Social networking in secret

    The growing number of anonymous communication platforms highlights the importance and scale of the desire for privacy online. Anonymity has gained a sense of authenticity and safety – and only by understanding this can brands continue to communicate effectively.

  • Article image Backchat: experimenting with anonymity

    Younger generations see anonymity as something that can be surrendered for benefits. Messaging app Backchat initially hides your identity, slowly revealing it as you interact with others.

  • Could social media save UAE? Could social media save UAE?

    Over half of UAE residents have no savings. Attempting to address this, UAE Saves Week gets people to use Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to share money-saving advice and experiences, as well as pictures of pledges taken and achievements.