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  • Group shopping online wins big with brides
  • Group shopping online wins big with brides
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Group shopping online wins big with brides

Weddington Way is an online bridal boutique targeting Millennial shoppers. The boutique’s site – which has a Pinterest-esque feel – tries to translate the offline bridal party-shopping outing to an online platform. But are Millennials really buying their wedding dresses online?



  • Article image Are Brazilian weddings just an excuse to party?

    Brazilians are world-renowned party lovers, so it's no surprise that the wedding industry is booming. But as these celebrations of love grow increasingly lavish – buffered by the import of Western wedding traditions – the economy is slowing. Can this decade-long growth continue?

  • Article image Beta-testing: a modern attitude to marriage

    Around 40% of Gen Y think “'til death do us part” is no longer relevant, and more are saying “I don't” to tying the knot. Fusing their love of tech with real-life romance, the Facebook generation is ‘beta-testing’ marriage. But what's driving them to put commitment on probation?

  • Marriage and kids not a priority for Gen Y Marriage and kids not a priority for Gen Y

    According to a poll in the US, 69% of Millennials believe that society will be just as well off if people have priorities other than marriage and children. But while it's a large figure, the differences of opinion within Gen Y are strongly tied to their income and wealth.

  • Marriage is personal Marriage is personal

    People are getting better at being married. According to the Office for National Statistics, the divorce rate in England and Wales is now a fifth lower than it was in 2002. Young couples have realised that marriage is not a social or family matter - it’s personal.