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  • Muslim superhero fights bigotry
  • Muslim superhero fights bigotry
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Muslim superhero fights bigotry

An Anti-Muslim organisation stirred controversy with bus ads reading “Islamic Jew-hatred: it’s in the Qu’ran / Stop all aid to Muslim countries”. An image of Hitler beside “his staunch ally, the leader of the Muslim world” accompanies the text. How has politically engaged Gen Tumblr reacted?



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    From the fashionable Mipsterz to the ‘Happy Muslims’, the latest cultural movements in the Islamic world have been well documented across social media. With a global population of approximately 1.57 billion, what are the implications for brands trying to reach modern Muslims?

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    Comic book heroes are becoming a medium through which to discuss sensitive social issues. And from Kamala Khan to the Burka Avenger, leading the march is an army of powerful Muslim women.

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