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  • The luxury bbq market heats up down under
  • The luxury bbq market heats up down under
    Louise Cohen (2014) ©

The luxury bbq market heats up down under

The Australian barbecue market is – to fit the stereotype – huge. But an influx of cheap, imported products is leaving consumers hankering for something more substantial to grill their meat on. It's driving spending on high-end barbecues, which can sell for as much as $10,000.



  • Article image Why going Down Under is good for your health

    The travel industry thrives on the pursuit of happiness, but just how far will people go to ensure they are healthy as well? All the way to Australia, as it turns out. The healthy holiday industry is now worth $438.6 billion a year, and Australia is enticing travellers with its ‘wild bush luxury’, ‘indigenous ingredients’ and health-focussed hotels.

  • Australia embraces minimalist living Australia embraces minimalist living

    Australia is having a minimalist moment. Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Milburn preach the joys of owning less and living to more than 2 million readers. Now they’re going on a global tour and inspiring a host of others. So why the sudden urge to declutter?

  • Article image Houzz: renovating Australia‚Äôs DIY market

    Three in four Australian homeowners plan to decorate their digs in the next two years, and 41% plan to build an addition or renovate. Tapping into this national obsession, Houzz is a community of home renovators and professionals that's disrupting Australia's $30 billion DIY market.

  • Article image A cultural snapshot of Australia

    Are Australians still beach mad? How is the face of the average Aussie changing? In our 2014 / 2015 cultural snapshot of Australia, we demystify cultural myths, shed light on the country’s economic outlook, and explore the emerging and established trends across eleven sectors.