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  • Providing the French with fresh food
  • Providing the French with fresh food
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Providing the French with fresh food

The supermarket landscape in France is shifting. While retailers have had to cater to an increasing number of online shoppers, the industry is conscious of the need to supply the French desire for high quality produce more readily. As a result, new shopping formats are popping up across the countrywide. 



  • Article image Michel & Augustin: a friendly French food revolution

    Michel & Augustin is arguably the coolest brand the French food industry has seen for decades. But how did a tiny food company selling shortbread manage to compete with French food industry giants? And what strategy has the brand used to conquer French hearts?

  • Article image How ‘Made in France’ became the must-have label

    French-made goods have never been more desirable, and over 95% of French people see buying French products as a ‘citizen act’. But what has led them to care quite so much about local production? And do foreign brands still have a place in French people’s hearts?

  • France introduces a 'home-made' label France introduces a 'home-made' label

    With 85% of France’s 150,000 restaurants serving vacuum-packed and frozen food without telling customers, it’s difficult to know whether a meal is cooked fresh. France has introduced a ‘home-made’ label, serving as an indicator of how pre-prepared a meal is.

  • Article image Not so Quick: fast food in France

    McDonald's France makes more money than any other country after the US. What's that about then?