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  • Discover the past behind the movie magic
  • Discover the past behind the movie magic
    David McGough/1981.nyc (2015) ©

Discover the past behind the movie magic

To mark the release of A Most Violent Year, the film’s promoters have created a ‘culture website’ exploring the unique moment in time that inspired it. Featuring documentary footage and archival media, it promises a time-travelling experience for cultural detectives. 



  • TV tie-in novels gain popularity TV tie-in novels gain popularity

    The TV tie-in novel lurks somewhere near straight-to-DVD sequels in terms of respectability. Or at least it used to. As the golden age of TV drama continues apace, novelisations of hit shows are finding growing audiences, keen to see the magic of the small screen brought to the printed page.

  • Article image Endgame: turning a paperback into a multimedia journey

    As a publisher in the 21st century, how do you capture the attention of a generation of kids raised on tablets and computer games? Author James Frey thinks he has the answer – Endgame, a book that transcends its pages onto social networks and into the real world.

  • A Scandal-inspired clothing line A Scandal-inspired clothing line

    TV drama Scandal has an enormous following, largely thanks to protagonist Olivia Pope - a lawyer whose trouser suits are as impressive as her legal prowess. Now the show has teamed up with US label The Limited to create a line of “fearless fashion for ladies who lead.”

  • Article image The Fault in Our Stars: a nostalgia trip for Millennials

    Adolescence now typically ends at 25. Are Millennials so intent on delaying adulthood that they want the films they watch and the music they listen to now to be the same as when they were teenagers? Is nostalgia for the ‘90s driven by a desire for simpler, easier times?