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  • African dolls outselling Barbie in Nigeria
  • African dolls outselling Barbie in Nigeria
    Queens of Africa (2015) ©

African dolls outselling Barbie in Nigeria

While Barbie has been a Western staple of girlhood for decades, she's not in Nigeria. Not any more. After realising that it was nearly impossible to buy a black doll in Nigeria, Taofick Okoyo started his own line of dolls called Queens of Africa - and they're more popular than Barbie.



  • Article image Is Barbie‚Äôs reign really over?

    With her long blonde hair, tiny waist and pure pink wardrobe, Barbie is an icon. She may be only 11 and a half inches tall, but this cultural giant has occupied a prominent position in little girls’ toy boxes for over half a century. In 2014, Barbie was knocked off the top spot on most the popular girls’ toy list. But is Barbie’s reign really over?

  • Barbie is now on LinkedIn Barbie is now on LinkedIn

    As part of the launch of Entrepreneur Barbie, Mattel has created a LinkedIn profile for the iconic doll. With details about her 150+ past jobs (including swimsuit model and computer engineer) and inspiring thoughts for her 3700+ followers, Barbie is in the 18% best connected users.

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    The popularity of imported alcoholic drinks is soaring in Nigeria. But with a previously strong tradition of locally-brewed drinks, what’s causing this dramatic shift in drinking habits?

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    Africa now has more middle income consumers than India. We hone in on the retail sector in Nigeria, analysing the challenges and opportunities therein.