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  • Cablevision offers WiFi-only contract
  • Cablevision offers WiFi-only contract
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Cablevision offers WiFi-only contract

Instead of picking up the phone, we gloat about our holidays on Instagram. Juicy gossip spreads via WhatsApp, not text. What if we could eschew pricey contracts? Would it make that much difference? In New York, Cablevision’s WiFi-only service is ushering in a drastic change to how we get connected.



  • Article image What’s the future of the mobile phone?

    Smartphones are no longer just a means of communicating. They wake us up, get us from A to B and even help us find love. We’ve almost forgotten their original purpose. Text trumps voicecalls and apps trump SMS – it’s a good time to ask – what’s the future of the mobile phone?

  • SMS is replaced by Whatsapp SMS is replaced by Whatsapp

    Gone are the days when 'unlimited texts' were an essential part of a monthly mobile phone contract. Instead, people are more likely to communicate with their friends using messaging apps. WhatsApp now handles 30 billion messages every day, making it 50% more popular than SMS.

  • Article image 2015 Expert Outlook on Communications

    Will we continue to talk less and message more? Which social media platform will be a stand-out success? Will Line take over the West and how will the trend for unbundling develop?

  • Article image FreedomPop: the internet as a human right

    According to 'disruptive' new internet service provider FreedomPop, 'the internet is a right, not a privilege'. Can its 'freemium' broadband model challenge the internet's biggest players?