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  • Barbie gets a digital makeover
  • Barbie gets a digital makeover
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Barbie gets a digital makeover

Barbie is getting a digital makeover. In addition to her fierce sense of style and diverse work history, she'll soon be able to partake in two-way conversations with her owner. Barbie sales have been falling. But now that Barbie can talk back, is her reign really over?



  • African dolls outselling Barbie in Nigeria African dolls outselling Barbie in Nigeria

    While Barbie has been a Western staple of girlhood for decades, she's not in Nigeria. Not any more. After realising that it was nearly impossible to buy a black doll in Nigeria, Taofick Okoyo started his own line of dolls called Queens of Africa - and they're more popular than Barbie.

  • Article image Is Barbie‚Äôs reign really over?

    With her long blonde hair, tiny waist and pure pink wardrobe, Barbie is an icon. She may be only 11 and a half inches tall, but this cultural giant has occupied a prominent position in little girls’ toy boxes for over half a century. In 2014, Barbie was knocked off the top spot on most the popular girls’ toy list. But is Barbie’s reign really over?

  • A 'normal' Barbie doll A 'normal' Barbie doll

    Graphic designer Nickolay Lamm has created a plastic doll whose body shape is based on the average US woman's body. The doll contrasts the unrealistic and idealistic representation seen in more conventional plastic dolls like Mattel's Barbie range.

  • Article image LEGO for girls

    After years of ethnographic research and product development, classic toy company LEGO launched LEGO Friends, a product line aimed at girls aged five and over.