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  • Do death better with Final Fling
  • Do death better with Final Fling
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Do death better with Final Fling

Beneath the grief and taboo surrounding death is an inescapable truth – it’s an administrative nightmare. Final Fling is an online service that aims to help people take back control of end-of-life plans, providing planning tools, listings and advice on how to ‘do death' better.



  • Article image What it really means to grow old in Japan

    More than 25% of the Japanese population is over the age of 65. With a low birthrate and increasing life expectancy, that figure is only set to increase. Japan is renowned for its respectful and traditionally regimented attitudes towards seniors, but what does it really mean to be ageing now, in the world’s oldest population?

  • Article image How functional tourists are exploring life and death

    Going on holiday no longer means having a well-earned rest by the pool. Affordable flights mean people are travelling for all sorts of new reasons; to get a facelift, to work, to shop, to give birth, and even to die. The first in a two-part series looks at travel for medical reasons.

  • Test-drive your own funeral in Japan Test-drive your own funeral in Japan

    The average cost of a funeral in Japan is ¥4 million (around $40,000), the most expensive in the world. Attention to detail is vital. But why are Shukatsu Tours – where people have their own funeral portraits taken and simulate scattering ashes – becoming popular?

  • Article image Poppy’s Funerals: simplicity in times of stress

    Facing a financial crisis, families are turning to simple ceremonies to say farewell to their loved ones, finding themselves liberated from the cultural taboos that surround death.