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  • Nostalgia makes us more creative
  • Nostalgia makes us more creative
    Hannes Mauerer (2009) ©

Nostalgia makes us more creative

"I’d trade all my tomorrows for just one yesterday," lamented Willie Nelson in 1966. For many, the allure of the past is irresistible. And now, research from the University of Southampton thinks there could be a link between that familiar feeling of nostalgia and creativity.



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    To mark the release of A Most Violent Year, the film’s promoters have created a ‘culture website’ exploring the unique moment in time that inspired it. Featuring documentary footage and archival media, it promises a time-travelling experience for cultural detectives. 

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    When Coca-Cola brought back '90s favourite Surge, it sold out online within hours. And it's not the only 'revival brand' that's been brought back due to nostalgic consumer demand. But what makes a brand re-issue a discontinued product? And what's driving Gen Y's nostalgia trip?

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    Adolescence now typically ends at 25. Are Millennials so intent on delaying adulthood that they want the films they watch and the music they listen to now to be the same as when they were teenagers? Is nostalgia for the ‘90s driven by a desire for simpler, easier times?

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    How has nostalgia been affected by the digitisation of culture? People are using the internet to document their lives and create an online legacy.