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  • India has a Spotify for Bollywood music
  • India has a Spotify for Bollywood music
    Philippe Put (2011) ©

India has a Spotify for Bollywood music

When Taylor Swift withdrew all her music from Spotify, she argued that “music is art, and art is important. Important things are valuable. Valuable things should be paid for.” In a country with the second highest consumption of pirated music, can digital streaming service Saavn prosper?



  • Article image How fashion is moving Indian pop culture beyond Bollywood

    India’s love affair with western fashion began with savvy product placement in Bollywood movies in the ‘90s. But as tastes move beyond Bollywood, Indian actresses become more famous and fashion blogs become more popular, India’s fashion scene is becoming more prominent on both the big and little screen.

  • MTV launch subculture music channel in India MTV launch subculture music channel in India

    MTV has expanded its presence in India with a new channel called Pepsi MTV Indies, highlighting local subcultures, including music, film, art and comedy. Targeted at Gen Z, the channel aims to showcase a variety of Indian talent, from street buskers to electro rock bands and graffiti artists.

  • Article image Keeping up with the Kapoors

    Today's young Indians aren't 'Indian' at all. They're global consumers with modern values and a growing desire for an international lifestyle. And the world is beginning to take note.

  • Article image Is licensed streaming the future of music?

    Canvas8 spoke to Media Thought Leader Gerd Leonhard about his views on the future of Spotify, mobile streaming and MP3’s and a recent report suggesting a decline in teens’ illegal filesharing.