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  • Millennials love athleisure wear
  • Millennials love athleisure wear
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Millennials love athleisure wear

Traditional apparel retailers are struggling. Teen brands like Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostale and American Eagle are downsizing and changing their strategies, while C. Wonder and Wet Seal have shut down locations. The problem? Millennials want more casual clothing.



  • Article image Sharpe Suiting: dressing people not genders

    Menswear and womenswear is out; androgyny is in. Whether you’re L, G, B, T, Q or heteronormative, Sharpe Suiting tailors to bodies, not genders. As the brand blazes a trail, will others follow suit? Are we on the brink of a fashion revolution?

  • Article image L.C. King: authentic workwear for hipsters

    From Victorian moustaches to flat caps, hipsters are notorious for reappropriating the old. Founded in 1913, traditional blue-collar workwear brand L.C King Manufacturing Co has become a firm favourite among trendy New Yorkers too, making chore coats and dungarees for blue-collar workers and hipsters alike. But how has this veteran brand done it?

  • Article image Un-fancy: minimising your wardrobe into a suitcase

    Imagine your entire wardrobe fitting into a suitcase. That means everything; shoes, underwear, coats and trousers. Whether this fills you with hope or horror, it’s a reality for some. Un-fancy, the ‘wardrobe by numbers’ blog, exemplifies the minimalist fashion movement’s increasing online momentum.

  • Article image H&M Loves Coachella: fashioning a branded experience

    Not all festivals are about rocking up wearing your least-loved shoes in preparation for the mud. And increasingly, organisers are pushing harder to turn festivals into lifestyle events. This couldn’t be truer for California-based Coachella, and a collaboration with H&M is emphasising this shift.