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  • Mexico adopts mobile payments
  • Mexico adopts mobile payments
    Ted McGrath (2014) ©

Mexico adopts mobile payments

In a row of makeshift shops in Mexico City, three generations of cooks whip up delicacies to tempt passers by. For now, your craving for Mexican street food will only be satisfied if you have some pesos handy. Can a new mobile payments initiative help small Mexican businesses to thrive?



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    Why is banking becoming more visual? How is awkwardness fuelling payment innovations? And just who is wearing a wristband wallet? In our 2014 sector snapshot of Money, we round up the insights and innovations impacting the finance sector over the last six months.

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    In the second part of his report on e-commerce in Latin America, Ulysses De La Torre examines the opportunities that are available in the region.

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    We spoke with a group of people about their attitudes towards mobile payments and their concerns over security.