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  • Fans spring for Kanye West’s shoes
  • Fans spring for Kanye West’s shoes
    Super 45 (2011) ©

Fans spring for Kanye West’s shoes

When Kanye West interrupted Beck’s 2015 Grammy acceptance speech, the Twittersphere exploded in polarised response, with tweets ranging from passionate defences to death threats. Love or loathe him, his influence is undeniable, and his latest fashion offering demonstrates this power yet again.



  • Article image CR7 Footwear: building Portugal’s national brand

    CR7 Footwear is the latest addition to Cristiano Ronaldo’s formidable superbrand – currently valued at $8 million. But this premium men’s footwear label represents more than a celebrity-endorsed line; it’s the latest offering in Portugal’s impressive entrance onto the world stage of luxury goods.

  • Sneakerheads can now reserve via smartphone Sneakerheads can now reserve via smartphone

    It’s not unheard of for trainer fanatics to line up at midnight to get hold of the latest Nikes. In 2012, a Maryland mall was actually closed following a footwear-related stampede. Adidas is looking to stamp out such bad behaviour with an app that helps shoppers reserve from their smartphones.

  • Article image The rise of the celebrity 'expert'

    Authority is slipping away from 'traditional' experts – and into the hands of celebrities. But is 'standing out' from a sea of products as simple as putting a famous face on a brand?

  • Article image No more heroes

    As constant media scrutiny increasingly highlights celebrities' imperfections, is the relationship between brands and their penitent endorsers changing?