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  • Boosting awareness of lonely seniors
  • Boosting awareness of lonely seniors
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Boosting awareness of lonely seniors

Jam and scones. Knitted tea cosies. Stories about the good old days… how about arty Sierra-filtered snaps? Age UK’s #NotByMySelfie campaign brings our perceptions of seniors into the 21st century via the selfie, reminding us that no one should be alone in the digital age.



  • Article image How over-60 Aussies spend their time online

    With 4.7 million Australians currently over 60, this age group dominates both the physical and digital worlds. Silver surfers are taking over the internet, with 50% of over 60s jumping on the social media bandwagon. But what goes on in the secret digital lives of over-60 Aussies?

  • You're never too old to Instagram You're never too old to Instagram

    "You know what?" says 86-year-old Baddie Winkle, "I'm like the world's Granna." The octogenarian Instagram sensation gained 200,000 followers in just three months for a fearless feed of selfies – whether on her way to church or donning a t-shirt emblazoned with Beyoncé's face.

  • Article image The silent generation speaks up

    What does it feel like to grow old? Professor Philip Tew and Nick Hubble asked over 300 seniors to document their experiences. The findings shed new light on this untapped, misunderstood demographic.

  • Article image Comfort food: how NANA feeds a growing appetite for community

    Providing employment for older women while offering simple, wholesome food for locals, comfort-food café NANA is part of a growing trend of social enterprises reclaiming community spirit.