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  • Thinking about money makes us feel colder
  • Thinking about money makes us feel colder
    Steven Depolo (2011) ©

Thinking about money makes us feel colder

Money is emotional. It can be stressful, frightening or – if you have sudden influx of it – thrilling. But can it make you feel physically different? Research from The University of Basel suggests just thinking about finances makes people feel colder than they actually are.



  • Article image LearnVest: subscribe to get in financial shape

    With banks’ reputations still suffering, people don't know where to put their cash. LearnVest plans to shake things up. It’s an online platform that teaches you how to budget, save and invest. Can financial common sense be as “as accessible as gym membership” when going on a money-diet can be as hard as cutting out cake?

  • Money can’t buy Americans happiness Money can’t buy Americans happiness

    ‘Money can’t buy you happiness’ so the saying goes. And evidence suggests it's true. Research from the University of British Columbia shows that rich and poor people are generally as happy as each other. Where they do differ is in sadness levels; wealthier people are much less sad on a daily basis. What does this mean?

  • Article image 2015 Expert Outlook on Money

    Will we all adopt NFC payments? How will our privacy concerns hinder the development of electronic money? Do we really trust brands over banks and why should all finance companies be watching Apple?

  • Article image Virgin Money Lounges: less formal finance

    Virgin is offering consumers a fresh vision of high street banking, swapping the traditional formal banking atmosphere for 'lounge-style' spaces.