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  • Flip-phones make a comeback in Japan
  • Flip-phones make a comeback in Japan
    Nico Nieuwstraten (2008) ©

Flip-phones make a comeback in Japan

Japan is known to be a technology leader. But sales of ultramodern smartphones have taken a dive, as the classic flip-phone makes a comeback. Sales of 'garakei' – a simple mobile phone which was popular before the iPhone – are on the up for the first time in seven years. 



  • Article image What’s the future of the mobile phone?

    Smartphones are no longer just a means of communicating. They wake us up, get us from A to B and even help us find love. We’ve almost forgotten their original purpose. Text trumps voicecalls and apps trump SMS – it’s a good time to ask – what’s the future of the mobile phone?

  • Article image What it really means to grow old in Japan

    More than 25% of the Japanese population is over the age of 65. With a low birthrate and increasing life expectancy, that figure is only set to increase. Japan is renowned for its respectful and traditionally regimented attitudes towards seniors, but what does it really mean to be ageing now, in the world’s oldest population?

  • Article image 2015 Expert Outlook on Communications

    Will we continue to talk less and message more? Which social media platform will be a stand-out success? Will Line take over the West and how will the trend for unbundling develop?

  • Article image Mobile use in Japan

    Many people in the West often struggle to understand what is happening in Japan, a country that is sometimes called ‘the cradle of mobile civilisation’.