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  • Europeans grow their own Heinz tomatoes
  • Europeans grow their own Heinz tomatoes
    Susy Morris (2012) ©

Europeans grow their own Heinz tomatoes

Heinz Tomato Ketchup hardly inspires images of tomato plants growing in the great outdoors, lovingly nurtured by a farmer and his family. Instead, people might more readily think of high salt content and industrialised manufacturing. The latest Heinz campaign sets out to change that.



  • Article image Farmili: backyard farms for agricultural urbanites

    Over 40% of French people grow their own veg, cultivate their own herbs and eat eggs laid by their own hens. But as small agriculture is slowly suffocated by people choosing to live in large towns and cities, can Farmili – an internet-based provider of urban mini-farms – put production back into the hands of the people?

  • Providing the French with fresh food Providing the French with fresh food

    The supermarket landscape in France is shifting. While retailers have had to cater to an increasing number of online shoppers, the industry is conscious of the need to supply the French desire for high quality produce more readily. As a result, new shopping formats are popping up across the countrywide. 

  • Article image Is ‘cheap is good’ still the German grocery-shopping mantra?

    German supermarkets have long been known for low prices and simple design. 81% of Germans say that price is the most important consideration when grocery shopping, but they're increasingly choosing premium and organic products. So what's changed? And what do Germans want to eat?

  • Article image Why Brits really love gardening

    Britain is a nation of gardeners. Nearly 80% like to get their hands muddy, and 82% say it makes them feel happier. It’s no longer a pastime for retirees. Whether growing your own or experimenting with the latest smart device, green fingers are spreading across the nation.