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  • Riding the 'live journalism' wave
  • Riding the 'live journalism' wave
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Riding the 'live journalism' wave

Since its launch in 2009, Pop-Up Magazine – where journalism is performed as a live event – has gone from strength to strength. With sell-out shows, and now a spin-off print publication, is Pop-Up scratching an itch for shared consumption that traditional journalism can't?



  • Vice goes live with chat show Vice goes live with chat show

    Vice News – home of guerrilla journalism and gonzo video shockers – is moving into live broadcast with new talk show named On the Line. The 30-minute long current affairs show will be streamed live on YouTube weekly, before switching to Samsung’s Milk platform.

  • BBC goes live with its own theme park BBC goes live with its own theme park

    Fancy a ride on a Tardis roller coaster? A live Sherlock experience? Or even a booze up in the Old Vic? Well in 2020 you may well be able to. After a landmark agreement with a private company and a partnership with Paramount pictures, a BBC theme park is on its way. 

  • Article image Guardian Midland Goods Shed: experience a newspaper in 3D

    With newspaper sales continuing to fall, the news industry is facing a crisis. How do you sell the news if everyone expects it for free? Can The Guardian sell the ‘world’s leading liberal voice’ through workshops, lectures and coffee? And where is its place in the digital revolution?

  • Article image Evolving the magazine: how publishers are diversifying

    'Print is dead' – or is it? Adapting to a complex digital landscape, publishers are finding new ways to extend the brand.