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  •  Wayfindr helps blind commuters on the Tube
  • Wayfindr helps blind commuters on the Tube
    Lena Vasiljeva (2013) ©

Wayfindr helps blind commuters on the Tube

Central line or Bakerloo? Northbound or southbound? It’s easy to get lost in the notorious rabbit warren of London’s underground system. But for visually impaired travellers, finding the way can be even scarier. Could Wayfindr give blind commuters the independence they crave?  



  • Article image Can brands help us navigate our city?

    54% of the world’s population lives in urban areas. Demographic shifts such as ageing communities have changed what people want and need from their city. Can brands help young and old people alike navigate more efficiently and connect with their surroundings?

  • Giving blind bus riders independence Giving blind bus riders independence

    Using public transport can be difficult for the blind, but an app called StopInfo hopes to change that. By informing blind riders how to find their bus stop, and being integrated into bus tracking app OneBusAway, it's giving them more independence in their travels.

  • Article image Wheelmap

    Wheelmap is an open-source map for people with restricted mobility. It enables those in a wheelchair to share accessible places on-the-go, be it a café, shop, restaurant or pub.

  • Article image Making retail accessible

    Disabled consumers are constantly facing obstacles in the retail world, yet retailers are doing little to alleviate their frustrations.