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  • Turning commuter buses into coffee shops
  • Turning commuter buses into coffee shops
    Leap (2015) ©

Turning commuter buses into coffee shops

Comfy chairs, cosy nooks for secret chats, a laptop bar, artisan snacks and the all-important free WiFi. It might sound like your local coffee shop, but this is a description of Leap – a new commuter bus for those living in San Francisco. Is this the most pleasant public transport yet?



  • Article image Why do we hate trains?

    In 2014, UK rail passengers made 1.6 billion journeys – double that of 1995. But whether it’s overpriced tickets or overcrowded carriages, people love nothing more than moaning about public transport. So what do the increasing number of train travellers really want from their journey?

  • Busbud is making bus travel easy Busbud is making bus travel easy

    Discount bus operators have seen growth of over 30% in recent years as more and more people choose to travel via bus. Busbud currently has almost 1,500 coach companies scheduling and booking information across 89 countries and spanning 10,460 cities globally.

  • Article image London’s Wi-Fi Bus: keeping commuters connected

    About 7,500 iconic red buses carry over six million London passengers each weekday - and with new Wi-Fi connectivity, commuters can catch up with work emails. But do they want to be ‘always on’? Will they miss their down-time staring out the window on the top deck of the 73?