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  • Gentleman's afternoon tea serves beer instead
  • Gentleman's afternoon tea serves beer instead
    Det Lyckliga Arabien, Creative Commons (2012) ©

Gentleman's afternoon tea serves beer instead

The most important components of a traditional afternoon tea are fancy finger foods, china cups and a pot or two of the finest darjeeling. But what if you're a man, and prefer your food ‘man-sized’ – all washed down with a not-so-dainty pint of beer? Does the Stafford Hotel in London have the answer?



  • Article image Rex & Mariano: order via iPads at this fast-but-fine fish restaurant

    In 2011 Burger & Lobster took the UK by storm. Now, its creators are rolling out the same affordable luxury in the form of Rex & Mariano, a fish restaurant that cuts out the middle man. Aiming to serve quality plates at palatable prices it replaces waiters with iPads. Will it be as successful?

  • Article image Beyond Bespoke: selling Britishness to the super-rich

    Britishness is a huge selling point for HNWIs across the globe, from Rolls Royce and Burberry in China to British butlers in Dubai. Can Beyond Bespoke’s ‘The Little Black Book’ of Britain’s most exclusive specialists become the passport to a secret world of UK luxury?

  • Article image AT&T Park edible garden: growing gourmet food at the baseball

    Gourmet burgers, artisan hot dogs and organic grilled cheese... foodies have transformed fast food. But one place is largely untouched: the leisure venue. Can San Francisco Giants’ AT&T Park Edible Garden really replace fries with local kale chips and soda with smoothies?

  • Article image Marketing to make men spend

    It’s widely believed that women dominate household purchasing decisions – but while this was certainly once true, has it changed over time? In light of new statistics, more and more companies are gearing their offerings and marketing towards men. But are they reaching them?