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  • Barista classes woo artisan coffee lovers
  • Barista classes woo artisan coffee lovers
    Toby's Estate Brooklyn (2015) ©

Barista classes woo artisan coffee lovers

Drinking coffee is practically a sport in the US. Everyone has their favourite team – whether it's Starbucks or an independent coffee shop – and a preferred technique, from a 'Kyoto Dripper' or a 'Neapolitan Flip'. And artisanal operations are tapping into the interest by offering coffee classes.



  • Article image Starbucks Reserve: serving up $7 'premium' coffees

    A ‘cup of Joe’ has become a staple in the American diet. At one end of the market Starbucks has made a name for itself selling flavoured coffees, and at the other end ‘gourmet’ coffee has become a daily choice for 34% of Americans. But can rare brews and a theatrical experience convince customers that Starbucks is now a contender in the ‘premium’ coffee market?

  • A taste of Ralph Lauren's coffee A taste of Ralph Lauren's coffee

    Ralph Lauren has opened his first coffee shop on the second floor of the Polo Ralph Lauren flagship store in New York City. Ralph’s Coffee will feature the designer’s private coffee blends, as well as a selection of his favourite pastries and snacks.

  • Article image A new breed of connoisseur

    Whether coffee or chocolate, pizza or pencils, connoisseurship has become a pastime for the masses. But if anyone can become a connoisseur of anything, will the concept lose its mystique?

  • Article image Does robot coffee taste better?

    With people placing more and more emphasis on 'true' artisanal creations, can automated coffee-maker Briggo Coffee Haus win over its target market of connoisseurs?