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  • Mindfulness joins the mile high club
  • Mindfulness joins the mile high club
    British Airways (2015) ©

Mindfulness joins the mile high club

Around 30% of us suffer from a fear of flying, no doubt buffered by the two Malaysian Airlines disasters of 2014. British Airways could have the answer for anxious passengers; a meditation programme to get them through the flight. It's the latest example of a brand adopting mindfulness.



  • For Google, mindfulness is a business asset For Google, mindfulness is a business asset

    Offices can be stressful. But is a bit of anxiety in a workforce a motivator? Not if you ask Google, where a happy workplace is considered to be a profitable workplace. Its Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute – designed to create mindful, compassionate managers – is growing rapidly.

  • Article image What do people want from a flight?

    In 2013, over 3 billion passengers took to the skies. As airlines aim to make flying as simple as taking the train, could everything people would normally associate with air travel – endless queues, bad food, cramped, uncomfortable seats – be about to change for the better?

  • Article image How a bit of peace and quiet became the ultimate luxury

    Over-connected consumers are looking to chill out – and achieve more in the process. Brands are capitalising on our collective exhaustion and building big brownie points as they do so. But how did space and silence – very simplistic commodities – become the ultimate luxury?

  • Article image Headspace: mindfulness on-the-go

    Healthy eating and regular exercise is the well-trodden route to a healthy body. But what about a healthy mind? Headspace claims that using its meditation app just ten minutes a day can reduce symptoms of anxiety, boost quality of sleep and lower blood pressure.