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  • Shake shack is the UAE’s king of burgers
  • Shake shack is the UAE’s king of burgers
    Lucas Richarz (2010) ©

Shake shack is the UAE’s king of burgers

Shake Shack or Sheikh Shack? Ranked as the favourite premium burger joint in the UAE, the New York-based chain has taken the region’s fast casual food market by storm. But Shake Shack’s status as a mainstay of Middle Eastern malls has to do with a whole lot more than how its product tastes.



  • On-demand desserts hit the Middle East On-demand desserts hit the Middle East

    Tastes are becoming more experimental in the Middle East, as gourmet desserts with a playful twist are fuelling an appetite for upmarket indulgence. With the launch of the UAE’s first online bakery, Sugarmoo, local Emirati are enjoying their favourite desserts delivered on-demand.

  • Dubai embraces soulful street-food Dubai embraces soulful street-food

    Dubai is renowned for wealth and beauty, but it also has a reputation for being somewhat soulless. To shake off this image, a buzzing street food culture has popped up alongside the five-star dining scene – to claim our hearts through our stomachs.

  • Article image Domino’s: feeding India’s love of fast food

    While many American fast food chains have set up shop in India, reinventing themselves in the process in order to appeal to local tastes, Domino’s stands out as a brand that’s gone one step further. Carefully balancing local tastes with the Western flavour that people associate with pizza, Domino’s has engineered a 72% slice of the market.

  • Article image Should restaurants be smart?

    Eating out is no longer just about food and drink. Innovations from apps that trace ingredients to fast-track ordering are shaping service expectations. But can too much seem gimmicky? And should restaurants concentrate on mastering quality ingredients rather than the latest tech?