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  • The Body Shop launches Fuji Green Tea range
  • The Body Shop launches Fuji Green Tea range
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The Body Shop launches Fuji Green Tea range

Japanese women are often described as having porcelain-like skin and native beauty rituals that incorporate tea are increasingly becoming favoured in the west. With green tea long having been touted as an upmarket skin care product, it was about time that it was offered on the high street



  • Article image Tatcha: a geisha-inspired skincare brand

    Often described as having flawless, porcelain-like skin, Japanese women have long been the poster models for luminous Asian complexions. Tapping into this perception among US women, Tatcha is a geisha-inspired skincare line. But can it change American attitudes to skincare?

  • Article image Frank: a natural body scrub that talks dirty

    One in ten women can’t go a day without using an exfoliating product. Frank is a coffee body scrub born in Australia, with natural credentials and a ‘cheeky personality’ that encourages its fans to post semi-naked selfies. But can it become a hit with Gen Y women worldwide?

  • Complex skincare routines in Japan Complex skincare routines in Japan

    ‘Cleanse, tone, moisturise’ is the beauty mantra that most American women try to abide by. They may be surprised to learn that Japanese women have much longer daily skincare routines of up to 11 steps, taking up to 20 minutes every morning.

  • Article image Deep beauty: doing good, looking good, feeling good

    Beauty brands are integrating cultural changes into new and refreshing ways of crafting a deeper narrative about what beauty might mean for the 21st century consumer.