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  • Why violence will always go viral
  • Why violence will always go viral
    Taylor Sloan (2011) ©

Why violence will always go viral

A video shot surreptitiously on a smartphone documents an altercation between a bus driver and an irate young woman. Another offers a window into a high school cafeteria, where dozens of girls rip at each other’s hair, screaming like banshees. What is it that makes violence go viral?



  • Better gamers go with the flow Better gamers go with the flow

    The notion of ‘flow’ was coined by Hungarian psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi to refer to “an optimal balance between skill and challenge.” And research shows that when reached by gamers, this mental state minimises the negative psychological effects video games are notorious for.

  • Article image Has the stag downed his last pint?

    Over 50% of men getting married in the US say they don’t want the standard bachelor party. They're swapping strippers and heavy boozing sessions for some quality time with their mates instead. But what’s behind this shift? And what does the modern stag do look like?

  • Article image Why crime really pays in advertising

    More brands are creating campaigns with highly dangerous activities taking place outside the realm of legality. Is real-life crime the next frontier for advertising? What is its appeal? And how are society and advertising influencing each other?

  • Parents worry about media violence Parents worry about media violence

    A study from Common Sense Media demonstrates that parents are concerned about how violence in media may be impacting on their children. Indeed 75% of parents blamed TV, films and video games for adding to America's culture of violence.