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  • Wine drinkers don't make loyal customers
  • Wine drinkers don't make loyal customers
    H. Michael Miley (2015) ©

Wine drinkers don't make loyal customers

Are beer drinkers more adventurous than wine drinkers? In a survey of 2,000 adults across the UK, Nielsen analysed how many brands people consider and buy over the course of a year, and found wine drinkers, young people and craft beer consumers to be the most experimental.



  • Article image Has premium booze made our snacks posh?

    Ever thought what goes into the ice in your whisky, or the tonic in your gin? More and more brands are tapping into the premiumisation trend by creating accompaniments specific to spirits, craft ales or wines. How’s this foodie revolution affecting our tastes and the food and drink industry?

  • Article image Are Gen X a bunch of alcoholics?

    While Gen Y binge drink their way through their 20s, Gen X are quietly knocking back the chardonnays. From stressed out city workers to busy mums, alcohol helps us all wind down. But where is the line between enjoying a glass of two of wine and alcohol dependency? 

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    Why are we no longer doing a weekly supermarket shop? How come none of us can resist a bargain? Why is posh packaging becoming so important for online retailers and how are our communities shaping the way we buy?

  • Article image A new breed of connoisseur

    Whether coffee or chocolate, pizza or pencils, connoisseurship has become a pastime for the masses. But if anyone can become a connoisseur of anything, will the concept lose its mystique?