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  • Gen Yers drink less beer, more wine and spirits
  • Gen Yers drink less beer, more wine and spirits
    Pabak Sarkar (2014) ©

Gen Yers drink less beer, more wine and spirits

Is there anything better than an ice-cold pint of lager on a scorching day? Apparently there is, since Gen Yers are increasingly moving away from beer in favour of wine and spirits. But what’s driving this move? And is traditional pale lager doomed to stay in the barrel?



  • Wine drinkers don't make loyal customers Wine drinkers don't make loyal customers

    Are beer drinkers more adventurous than wine drinkers? In a survey of 2,000 adults across the UK, Nielsen analysed how many brands people consider and buy over the course of a year, and found wine drinkers, young people and craft beer consumers to be the most experimental.

  • Article image Yo-Ho Brewing: craft beer for a Japanese palate

    Beer consumption in Japan has declined from 7 billion litres in 2000 to just over 6 billion in 2014. Can microbrewery Yo-Ho Brewing shift people’s perceptions of handmade alcohol, and appeal to health-conscious youth with its Japanese tweaks on American craft beer?

  • Article image Why we want our gin and vodka to be craft

    Around 90% of people worldwide consider spirits to be an affordable luxury. No longer is drinking vodka, rum and gin just a means of intoxication – it's an experience to be savoured. But with the definition of ‘craft’ unclear, is it becoming little more than a marketing tag?

  • Article image Vinomofo: turning Australian beer drinkers into wine buffs

    Australians were once known for knocking back the ‘tinnies’ and ‘stubbies’, but tastes have changed. By the end of the decade, Aussies will consume more wine than beer. With such a dramatic shift, how has online wine club Vinomofo helped turn beer drinkers into wine buffs?