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  • Amazon expands its own brand
  • Amazon expands its own brand
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Amazon expands its own brand

Amazon is already the biggest online destination for shoppers looking to pick up a Sony media player, some Reebok trainers or whatever book takes their fancy. But the retailer wants to transcend its status as an online mall, and is now extending its private label range.



  • Amazon launches nappies for Prime members Amazon launches nappies for Prime members

    Already the world’s largest online retailer, Amazon is growing exponentially. And with a range of subscriber perks, Prime is where it’s at – it's gained 40 million new members this year. But now, Amazon is offering Prime members deals that undercut some of its merchants.

  • Article image Who buys their skinny jeans in a supermarket?

    Having reshaped the British grocery landscape, discount supermarket Lidl has announced its first fashion line. As competition for ‘top UK supermarket’ steps up, is selling jeans next to the milk aisle now non-negotiable? And what does it say about our changing shopping habits?

  • Supermarket own-label goods match brands Supermarket own-label goods match brands

    As UK shoppers adopt an increasingly frugal mindset, the perception towards value products is changing. Despite traditional ideals, the majority of Brits now consider supermarket own-label products to be on par, and two in five consider them better, than branded equivalents. 

  • Article image Amazon Dash: the connected future of shopping?

    With the spread of technology, companies are exploring the ways household chores can be made more bearable. Amazon is appealing to grocery-hating mothers everywhere with Amazon Dash – the kitchen assistant intended to do for the shopping list what Kindle did for the e-book.