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  • EatTreat connects India’s foodies
  • EatTreat connects India’s foodies
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EatTreat connects India’s foodies

EatTreat is an online community that connects India’s foodies with others like them. Currently a Facebook group with over 50,000 members, EatTreat is set to launch its own website. And the prospect has got investors salivating, with the group receiving $3.5 million in funding.



  • Feazt connects home-cooked food lovers Feazt connects home-cooked food lovers

    Nothing can beat home-cooked food, especially in India. With a rich food heritage and recipes that have been passed down through generations, there's a lot to be said for domestic dining. Feazt is a platform that connects people seeking out that hard-to-replicate, home-cooked quality.

  • Home-cooked food has most calories in India Home-cooked food has most calories in India

    Obesity has more than doubled globally since, 1980. And if you ask the experts, many will place at least some of the blame on snack foods, with scientists at Harvard even suggesting a 30% tax increase on these products to reduce obesity. But actually, in India, packaged food is not the problem.

  • Article image Why do Indians prefer the local grocer?

    Supermarkets don't get a lot of love in India. It's the local stores with friendly banter and personal service that draw loyal customers. But as the country gears up for growth in grocery e-commerce, there's promise for the big players. What does the future of the food shop look like in India?

  • Article image Moët Hennessy: bubbling up in India

    As the Indian middle class continues to expand, Moët Hennessy is creating a new line of sparkling wines made from Indian grapes that embody affordable luxury and the country’s heritage.