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  • Pinterest adds a buy button
  • Pinterest adds a buy button
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Pinterest adds a buy button

Millions of people already use Pinterest to discover things they like; from crafts to clothing. The social pinning site has now unveiled Buyable Pins, finally letting users take the next step to buy those things. With Pinterest becoming more of a shopping hub, can it pin this market down?



  • Article image Tango Shop: chatty commerce for gen mobile

    Shopping as we know it could be about to change. With over 50% of e-commerce traffic coming from mobile devices, an app called Tango is catering to a generation that’s stuck staring at their smartphones. With the ability to chat, share and buy all in one place, could rivals be left behind?

  • Article image A Sector Snapshot of Shopping

    Why are we no longer doing a weekly supermarket shop? How come none of us can resist a bargain? Why is posh packaging becoming so important for online retailers and how are our communities shaping the way we buy?

  • Article image Facebook Buy button: shopping from your newsfeed

    Only 0.6% of online shopping is driven by social media, compared to e-mail, which drives 27%. Can Facebook’s Buy button, integrated into newsfeeds, encourage people to spend more when they're on social media? And are retailers really welcome on such a personal platform?

  • Shopping on Pinterest Shopping on Pinterest

    As part of its goal of becoming a retail-friendly environment, Pinterest has updated its ‘Gifts’ category to make it a better browsing and shopping experience. The Gifts category pulls in rich product pins and adds a price-sorting feature.