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  • Metal is more mainstream than pop
  • Metal is more mainstream than pop
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Metal is more mainstream than pop

Mainstream music often conjures images of tweentastic pop; Taylor Swift, One Direction, Rihanna and the like. But according to Spotify, pop's been knocked off the genre top spot by metal; and its loyal, supportive fans not only listen to more tracks, they buy more merchandise, too.



  • Article image Next Big Sound: predicting the top tunes of tomorrow

    Using data to cut through the noise, Next Big Sound is an analytics company that’s able to predict album sales with a degree of accuracy that’s never been seen before. Now, brands are getting in on the action, signing up to guarantee that the song they use on their next ad is a number one.

  • Why roadies are thriving in the music industry Why roadies are thriving in the music industry

    The music industry is on the decline – with streaming taking charge of our ears, many music industry professions have been sidelined. But not the roadie. This unlikely survivor is actually thriving. But what are concert technicians gaining from a changing music industry?

  • Article image Why do people go to music festivals?

    Every year, more than 6 million people attend live music events in the UK. Festivals are no longer about peace, love and LSD – they're commercial success stories. But have they kept any of their rebellious spirit, or are they just Instagram islands where anything goes?

  • Black metal yoga classes Black metal yoga classes

    BLACK YO)))GA offers vinyasa classes set to 'alternative' music genres like drone, noise and stoner metal. It provides a space for those who are attracted to yoga but aren't keen on "birds and waterfalls".