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  • The backlash against open-plan offices begins
  • The backlash against open-plan offices begins
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The backlash against open-plan offices begins

In a bid to conserve space and improve employee communication, many companies have redesigned their offices to open-plans over recent years. But now a backlash has begun, and while some companies are rethinking open-plans altogether, most are looking for a middle ground.



  • Sapience brings CCTV to the office Sapience brings CCTV to the office

    How many minutes a day do you spend not working at work? Those ‘quick breaks’ checking Facebook or perusing ASOS all add up. Now, thanks to workplace surveillance service Sapience, managers can check exactly what their employees are doing at any point throughout the day.

  • Article image Slack: letting your boss read your emails

    Email is dead – that’s what the tech industry has been saying for the last decade. Yet hundreds of unread messages clutter workers’ inboxes every day. Slack aims to increase productivity by improving communication and transparency across entire businesses. Could this really be the end for email?

  • Relaxation pods for the office Relaxation pods for the office

    Going for a cigarette break, sitting in a bathroom cubicle, stepping out for some air - the need to a few minutes out of our sometimes overwhelming workspace is something we all experience, some more regularly than others. In place of these less-than-relaxing bathroom breaks, the Orrb is especially designed to give office workers some time to themselves.

  • Article image Who wants to work in an office?

    The office is changing. New technology means employees are more mobile, affecting the physical and cultural dynamics. By 2020, freelancers will make up 40% of the workforce, and rent-an-office spaces and cafés are meeting this new need. So what will the office of the future look like?