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  • Paytm drives Indian mobile payments
  • Paytm drives Indian mobile payments
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Paytm drives Indian mobile payments

Mobile payments often start with a clean slate in developing nations, and it’s no different in India. Paytm is the country’s largest mobile wallet service, with over 25 million users. And with fresh investment from Alibaba, it’s set to drive Indian m-commerce at an even faster rate.



  • Nigerian banks driving mobile payments Nigerian banks driving mobile payments

    With 140 million active mobile phone subscriptions, Nigeria has emerged as an attractive market for mobile. In a bid to drive electronic payment strategies, five Nigerian banks have launched new service PayAttitude. But with adoption of mobile payments slowing, what do they stand to gain?

  • Mexico adopts mobile payments Mexico adopts mobile payments

    In a row of makeshift shops in Mexico City, three generations of cooks whip up delicacies to tempt passers by. For now, your craving for Mexican street food will only be satisfied if you have some pesos handy. Can a new mobile payments initiative help small Mexican businesses to thrive?

  • Article image What’s driving India’s e-commerce market?

    The Indian e-commerce market is expected to grow from $2 billion in 2013 to $8.5 billion by 2016. Most of this growth will come from clothes, shoes and accessories - showing that tech-savvy Indian consumers have grown to trust online shopping. But what's driving this shift?

  • Article image I Love Mall: shopping in a virtual world

    Brazilians have a long-running love affair with malls. There are currently 503 shopping centres across the nation, earning a total revenue of R$129 billion in 2013. Can an e-commerce platform that promises to be a virtual mall entice Brazilians to spend online?