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  • Zipabout eases your commute
  • Zipabout eases your commute
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Zipabout eases your commute

Citymapper and Google Maps are all well and good, but Zipabout goes one better. It combines information about service updates, weather and even social media updates on your daily commute. It also promises to help transport companies manage congestion and disruption to services.



  • Article image How buses are being reinvented for bursting cities

    With wood-panelled walls and cold-press juices, Leap’s buses have been criticised for contributing to San Francisco’s rising inequality. Elitism aside, bus travel may be key to bringing efficiency and equality to our expanding cities, and Leap is just one of many pioneering transport services.

  • Article image CommuterClub: financing your travelcard

    Londoners spend a fifth of their income on transport, and up to three fifths on rent. Many rely on credit cards and short-term loans to stretch their paychecks further. Can CommuterClub help these cash-strapped professionals by loaning them the cost of an annual Oyster?

  • Article image London’s Wi-Fi Bus: keeping commuters connected

    About 7,500 iconic red buses carry over six million London passengers each weekday - and with new Wi-Fi connectivity, commuters can catch up with work emails. But do they want to be ‘always on’? Will they miss their down-time staring out the window on the top deck of the 73?

  • Collaborating for a better commute Collaborating for a better commute

    Moovit is an app that allows users to contribute tips and reports from their own public transit trips, such as crowded buses and unexpected closures. The real-time public transit app seeks to give the power to the crowd.