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  • University provides a ‘texting and walking lane’
  • University provides a ‘texting and walking lane’
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University provides a ‘texting and walking lane’

Technology has increased the expectation that we should be on call 24/7 and it's becoming increasingly difficult to put down our phones. Utah University has introduced a specially designated ‘walk and text lane’ for people glued to their screens. But will they glance up to notice?



  • Article image Solarbox: turning phone boxes from red to green

    As developments in mobile technology mean we do everything from plan journeys to order pizza on-the-go, that 'low battery' icon is more present than ever, and it's making us anxious – 92% of Brits get stressed if their phone dies. Could Solarbox be the solution we've been waiting for?

  • Article image Virgin Mobile Custom: a phone contract for all the family

    Nearly 80% of teens in the US have a mobile, but their parents have no control over who they're texting or how much time they are spending on Facebook. Virgin Mobile Custom lets parents monitor and control how kids use their phone, but does it signal the end of net neutrality?

  • A walking lane for smartphone zombies A walking lane for smartphone zombies

    61% of Americans own a smartphone, spending about two hours on it a day. This has led to the birth of the smartphone zombie - those who dawdle along, walking slowly, face buried in their phone. In Washington DC, they now have their own walking lane.

  • Article image Talkspace: text your therapist on your way to work

    One in ten Americans are clinically depressed. As busyness becomes a status symbol for Millennials, the stress is mounting. 'Text therapy' platform Talkspace appeals to a generation accustomed to immediate answers with a tap of a smartphone – but is it effective?