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  • Vice and Unilever to create girls-only channel
  • Vice and Unilever to create girls-only channel
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Vice and Unilever to create girls-only channel

VICE has made a name for itself delivering provocative investigative journalism to Gen Yers. It's now launching a female-focused video channel called Broadly in partnership with Unilever. Brands like Tresemme and Dove are set to co-create and sponsor content for the platform.



  • Article image Playboy Now: the top-shelf magazine gets safe for work

    As sales of its physical magazines decline, Playboy – once top of the top-shelf – is rapidly reinventing itself for the digital age. It has now launched a free mobile app that offers Buzzfeed-style editorial content and Vice-style video. But most importantly, it’s nudity-free and safe for work.

  • Article image Who wants to read a branded magazine?

    With millions using AdBlock and just 24% of users scrolling down on native ads, brands can struggle to reach online consumers. Yet 90% of EasyJet’s six million monthly passengers read its in-flight magazine Traveller. We speak to Ink Global’s Jonny Clark to discover what makes engaging branded content.

  • Vice goes live with chat show Vice goes live with chat show

    Vice News – home of guerrilla journalism and gonzo video shockers – is moving into live broadcast with new talk show named On the Line. The 30-minute long current affairs show will be streamed live on YouTube weekly, before switching to Samsung’s Milk platform.

  • Article image Shared emotion: Dove's social experiment hits a nerve

    Half of teen girls have avoided activities because they feel bad about their looks. A new advert from Dove addresses low self-esteem, telling women “you are more beautiful than you think”.